YAMFOA [/YAM-FWAH/] is an eponymous self-care scent brand borne out of our founder’s love for fragrances and how they pique our senses, evoke nostalgia and can form part of our identities.   
Our beautifully-scented genderless soaps are crafted to delicately and effortlessly weave self-care into life’s mundane routines. Our belief in luxurious self-care habits forms the fabric of our brand and influences our aesthetic, the designs and scents of our soaps. All our soaps are thoughtfully designed to enhance and elevate your cleansing experience, be this handwashing, showering, or taking a relaxing bath at home or on holiday. Their fragrances cling delicately to your skin and linger in the air after each use, providing the perfect sensory experience. So whether you are looking for soaps for everyday use, a treat for yourself or gifts for loved ones, you will find a product that meets those needs or desires.